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carclew show their support through funding second development of "elpis"

Posted: 19th May 2020

AlleyKat Collective have been awarded a Helpmann Academy for 2020. This fellowship will be an amazing opportunity for him to learn skills in physical and devised theatre from UK artist Jane Arnfield and other established artists. The fellowship outcome will be a solo performance from which Jane and Alexis endeavour to create a full length performance to tour Adelaide, the UK and Poland in the coming years.

Alexis Luke in "Gutterd" (Restless Dance Theatre)

Above: Alexis Luke from the photoshoot for Guttered by Restless Dance Theatre. Photo courtesy of Restless Dance Theatre. 


Photo credit: Shane Reid

carclew show their support through funding second development of "elpis"

Posted: 22nd May 2020

We at AlleyKat Collective are pleased to share that we have received a Project and Development Grant to further the development of our first theatrical production, Elpis, Captif de Pandore. The funding allows the opportunity to refine and present the work to a small group of mentors and young people, making it the first time the work will be seen by an audience.


At such an important time in the development of our first production, the support from Carclew offers a great opportunity to refine and enrich the work. Their support is now more important than ever given the current national climate as a result of COVID-19 and recent funding cuts to arts programs and companies.


Image Design: Alicia Adams

"Our vision as a collective is to create work made by and for young people about relevant issues, with a particular focus on mental health" says Kathryn. "This is a pivotal time for us, and this support provides the opportunity for Alexis and I to fully focus on the project and its future presentation, which will shape our future works and collaborations."

"It's fascinating but also alarming that since our first development of Elpis in September 2019," says Alexis, "the work has taken on an even greater relevance since the world has been forced into lockdown. While the project explores our ever-changing relationships to hope, it also explore ideas of physical and emotional isolation."


"Learning how these characters adapt to their challenging circumstances through newly discovered hope is something that not only Kathryn and I relate to as individuals, but something that we believe will now strongly resonate will audiences of all ages."

Assisted by the South Australian Government through Carclew, we are excited to invite both a psychologist and a composer to collaborate on this work, which will be shown to a small group of mentors and young people in preparation for a season in early 2021.

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