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"Elpis second development finished"

Posted: 7th August 2020

And it's done! Thank you to our lovely development showing virtual audience, and we look forward to performing it to a live audience soon! Once again, thank you to Restless Dance TheatreFlinders Drama Centre for the use of rehearsal/studio space and to our mentor Roz Hervey. The development was very kindly assisted by the SA Government through Carclew.


Thank you!

Image one: Elpis greets Evadne (Kathryn Adams) for the first time.

Image two: Diomedes (Alexis Luke) reads a note with a teddy bear by his side.

Connor Fogarty takes up role of composer for "elpis, captif de pandore"

Posted: 1st July 2020

AlleyKat Collective are thrilled to announce the inclusion of Connor Fogarty into the creative team for Elpis, Captif de Pandore. Connor will take on the role as Composer and will be a key creative alongside Kathryn and Alexis in creating the world of Elpis. We are ecstatic to collaborate with such an exciting emerging composer such as Connor. 

Connor Fogarty Headshot.jpeg

Above: Connor Fogarty

carclew show their support through funding second development of "elpis"

Posted: 22nd May 2020

AlleyKat Collective have been awarded a Carclew Project Development Grant for 2020. This grant will help support AlleyKat during their second development of Elpis, Captif de Pandore in July and August 2020.

Assisted by the South Australian Government through Carclew, they are excited to invite both a psychologist and a composer to collaborate on this work, which will be shown to a small group of mentors and young people in preparation for a season in early 2021.


Image Design: Alicia Adams

Alexis awarded helpmann fellowship award

Posted: 16th April 2020

AlleyKat Collective co-founder Alexis Luke has been awarded a Helpmann Academy for 2020. This fellowship will be an amazing opportunity for him to learn skills in physical and devised theatre from UK artist Jane Arnfield and other established artists. The fellowship outcome will be a solo performance from which Jane and Alexis endeavour to create a full length performance to tour Adelaide, the UK and Poland in the coming years.

Alexis Luke in "Gutterd" (Restless Dance Theatre)

Above: Alexis Luke from the photoshoot for Guttered by Restless Dance Theatre. Photo courtesy of Restless Dance Theatre. 


Photo credit: Shane Reid

Alleykat to perform with restless dance once again

Posted: 25th January 2020

Alexis and Kathryn will once again be performing with Restless Dance Theatre in their upcoming production. Seeing Through Darkness will be an immersive experience in an art gallery inspired by the works of French expressionist Georges Rouault. The creative team will include Geoff Cobham and Zephyr Quartet, both of whom are leading artists in lighting design and cross-artform music composition, respectively. 


Talking about the work, Artistic Director Michelle Ryan says that she believes that"the imperfect form of the body and the troubled soul of (George Rouault's) work, resonates with how people with disability can feel and be perceived." Ryan hopes that audiences will be confronted by the work and see beauty and difference.

Alexis and Kathryn are both thrilled to be performing with the company once again. You can read more about the work on Restless' website.

"Seeing Through Darkness" (Restless Dance Theatre)

Photo Credit: Shane Reid

Alexis Luke and Kathryn Adams in rehearsals for "Elpis, Captif de Pandore
Alexis Luke in rehearsals for "Elpis, Captif de Pandore
Alexis Luke and Kathryn Adams in rehearsals for "Elpis, Captif de Pandore

First development done and dusted

..And just like that our first development is done and dusted. Thank you to SlingsbyRestless Dance Theatre, and the Flinders Drama Centre for very graciously allowing us to use your space to work, we very much appreciate it! And we hope we will be able to show some of our work to the world soon, with plans of our second development coming up in the near future!

Photo Credit: Alicia Adams

Kathryn Adams in rehearsals for "Elpis, Captif de Pandore
Alexis Luke and Kathryn Adams in rehearsals for "Elpis, Captif de Pandore

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