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Behind Our Masks

A Short Film 

We don't often choose to look behind our external masks and examine ourselves. When we do, it can be frightening, unsettling, intriguing, confronting and overwhelming. It's as exhausting as it is vulnerable. What aspects of our own psyche haunt, intrigue, amuse and depress us? Do we examine ourselves through a distorted lens, and above all, what are we afraid we will discover?


Behind Our Masks is very much a creative response to the challenges and limitations imposed on performers and artists by COVID-19. This short film emerged from Alexis Luke's exploration of working creatively in isolation through Zoom - the widely used video conference program - during training with fellow Company Dancers at Restless Dance Theatre. Filmed entirely using the in-built camera of a Macbook Pro and various video settings on Zoom, Behind Our Masks is Alexis' and AlleyKat Collective's first response to working physically through a digital medium, opening a pathway for future exploration of physical performance on screen.

You can view Behind Our Masks above.

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